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Finances Module

This helps with the management of Finances

About this Feature

This module manages the operations of fee collection and fee receipts generation, automating fee receipts entries and tracking all other financial budgeting of your entire institution with relative ease. Accounts are a major concern for every school administration. Different type of account management features are available. Report for overdue and even defaulters list could be obtained as needed. Other features include expense management, transaction history, cash reports expense report and much more. Schoolz Admin comes with proper accounting options that help ease the work of the accountants with all accounting processes automated by default.

Why do you need this

Introducing a new software in a school is thought of to be a provoking decision especially measuring whether the system fits in your existing ecosystem or not. But the main question here is, at what time does your institution introduce Schoolz Admin to automate and simplify daily operations. Here are a checklist to help with your decision:

  • This module helps you with proper accounting and does all the necessary calculations for you
  • Common transactions done in the institution can be recorded by creating custom categories
  • Fixed and instant discounts can be provided along with late fees collection
  • Monitor and reconcile transactions with accounting
  • Manage expense efficiently and easily.
  • Mistakes made while inputting data can be edited, corrected and re-saved
  • Schoolz Admin has a section in this module that helps keep track of the institution’s expenses especially for day to day expenses.
  • Banking transactions are managed efficiently
  • Billing Fees can be set as well as Invoice generated
  • Excellent and automated accounting processes are available, this include but not limited to Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Norminal Ledger.
  • Income and Expenditure accounts are created under the right account categories.

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